node binding to POSIX statvfs (file system information)

npm install statvfs
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statvfs is a super simple module that just gives you access to statvfs(3). If you're not familiar with it, you use it to get information about the filesystem. This API looks like node's native fs.stat API. Run man statvfs for more information.


var statvfs = require('statvfs');

statvfs('/tmp', function (err, stats) {
    assert.ifError(err); // on errno, will be a node ErrnoException
    console.log(JSON.stringify(stats, null, 2));
      "bsize": 4096,
      "frsize": 4096,
      "blocks": 262144,
      "bfree": 252508,
      "bavail": 252508,
      "files": 292304,
      "ffree": 289126,
      "favail": 289126,
      "fsid": 140509193,
      "basetype": "tmpfs",
      "flag": 4,
      "namemax": 255,
      "fstr": "/tmp"



npm install statvfs

Note this is a native add-on. You will need gcc, python, blah blah blah.



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