AppGyver Steroids javascript library

npm install steroids-js
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A JavaScript library to be used with AppGyver Steroids and Steroids npm. Steroids.js requires AppGyver Scanner application (available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store) or custom Scanner build from AppGyver Build Service.


Setup Steroids project "testApp":

1) npm install
2) npm install -g grunt-cli
3) grunt
4) cd testApp && npm install

NOTE! You need to manually run "grunt" before reloading Steroids in testApp!



There is a Jasmine test project in specsApp/ that has steroids.js symlinked from dist/


There is a separate steroids project in testApp/ that has steroids.js symlinked from dist/

Make sure you have grunt-cli installed:

npm install grunt-cli -g


sh ./

git submodule init # not needed if already done
git submodule update  # ensure bower/

cd bower && git co master && cd ..

echo "VERSION=$(coffee" # this sets $VERSION to match current version, for use in below scripts

cp dist/steroids.js bower/steroids.js
cd bower && git co master && git commit -am "$VERSION" && git tag "v$VERSION" && git push && git push --tags && cd ..
git add bower && git commit -m "Updated submodule to $VERSION" && git push && git push --tags

npm publish ./


Steroids.js is released under the MIT License.

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