Streams to make test other Streams

npm install stream-tester
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Streams to assist testing Streams

writing streams can be difficult, one of the most difficult aspects can be testing them thoroughly.

that is where stream-tester comes in. stream-tester can be used to generate data to exercise your streams. combine it with stream-spec which will validate your stream's behaviour and you've got a pretty easy test suite.

createRandomStream (generator, max)

create a stream of random chunks. generator defaults to Math.random. emit 'end' after max chunks. max defaults to Infinity

createIncStream (max)

create a stream of increasing numbers, up to max

createPauseStream (prob, delay)

create a through stream that randomly pauses (returns false from write). prob is the probability of a pause. delay is the time to wait before emitting 'drain'. defaults are prob=0.1, and delay is next tick.

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