A bitbucket provider for strider

npm install strider-bitbucket
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Strider Bitbucket provider

This module provides seamless integration between strider and bitbucket, including automatic addition/deletion of ssh-keys, and commit and pull-request webhooks.

What's done

  • configuration
  • clone, update, code caching
  • commit webhooks management
  • ssh key management

What's not done

  • pull-request webhook handling (they are created, we just don't do anything with them atm)


If you're running somewhere other than localhost:3000, you need to set the hostname config var. This can be done with an ENV variable thus:


Note no training slash.

Creating your own bitbucket app

Go to the api page at[your-username]/api and click "Add consumer".

Then set the env variables PLUGIN_BITBUCKET_APP_KEY and PLUGIN_BITBUCKET_APP_SECRET to the values given you.

Or if that's all too verbose, you can do PLUGIN_BITBUCKET='{"hostname": "", "appKey": "as34yih", "appSecret": "f4j83904"}'. There's also a way to configure using a json file, but I'll explain that later.

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