npm install strider-qunit
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A test runner for QUnit

If your project uses QUnit to test client side code, this strider extension will allow you to run those tests in a browser. This plugin is best used with some sort of cloud-browser testing service such as Sauce Labs or Browserstack

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We try and do the smart thing - so if you have a test directory with index.html and qunit.js we'll use that. If your qunit tests are served in a different file, you can modify that from the strider configuration page.

How it works

We run a little server that serves your test files. We then use either your cloud-browser-testing service of choice or wait for you to visit the page and run the tests (Not recommended!!!).

We inject a little js file into your tests (we append this to qunit) so we can monitor the status of the tests and get the results back to the server.

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