Kanso and CouchDB support for the Stripe payments API

npm install stripe-kanso
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Kanso.js support for the Stripe API and webhooks

stripe_kanso is a Kanso Couch app to work with the Stripe payments system, in particular, the webhooks events.

Using webhooks

Stripe webhooks can work directly with CouchDB; however, the stripe_webhook update function adds some features.

In your Stripe settings, set the webhook URL:

  • Test:
  • Live:

For security, stripe_webhook strips all information from the incoming JSON except the event ID. To keep this data, add ?keep=true to the URL.


This app includes a few views to dig through events (if you used ?keep=true).

  • stripe_created sorts events by their creation timestamp
  • stripe_mode_created sorts events
    1. First, by their livemode status (either true or false)
    2. Second, by their creation timestamp


Apache 2.0

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