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npm install superstartup-closure-compiler
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Superstartup Closure Compiler

A package that contains a compiled .jar version of the Google Closure Compiler and a special build that will strip out all goog.debug calls, and more specifically logging.

Build Version SHA 579770a Oct-25-2013

Quick Start


npm install superstartup-closure-compiler --save-deps --silent

Pretty nothing atm, just two methods:

  • getPath()

    • Get the relative path to the closure compiler .jar file.
  • getPathSS()

    • Get the relative path to the superstartup compiler .jar file.


var compiler = require('superstartup-closure-compiler');
var exec = require('child_process').exec;

/* ... */

// prepare the command for the CLI
var command = compiler.getPath() + ' ' + compilerOptions;

// run the compiler command
exec( command, cb );

Build One Of Your Own!

You can find the two builds in the build/ folder:

  • compiler.jar Is vanilla Google Closure Compiler.
  • sscompiler.jar Is the special build that stripts out all goog.debug calls.

You can also make your own build of the closure compiler by following these instructions:

  1. Fetch the submodule (actual closure compiler sources):

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  2. Optionally, you may want to update the compiler sources to the latest version:

    cd google-closure-compiler
    git pull
  3. Build closure compiler with ant. At the root of closure's compiler source tree, there is an Ant file named build.xml. To use it, navigate to the same directory and type the command:

    ant jar

    This will produce a jar file called "build/compiler.jar".

  4. Now time to build the custom compiler, move to the superstartup-compiler directory and issue the same build command:

    cd superstartup-compiler
    ant jar

    After the build is successful, you can find the jar file in the build folder.

If you are having problems with ant jar or the build produces errors, try a ant clean first.

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