Parses SVN logs as into relevant JSON.

npm install svn-log-parser
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SVN Log Parser (for Node.js)

The SVN Log Parser module will parse SVN logs as into relevant JSON.

Install as dependency

Install the module:

npm install svn-log-parser


Add to your package.json file:

  "name":        "my-app",
  // ...
  "dependencies": {
    // ...
    "svn-log-parser": "*"

Parsing SVN Logs as a String

Create a new parser and pass it a callback function and a string of SVN logs:

var parser = require("svn-log-parser");

parser(function( results ) {
  console.log("files", results.files);
  console.log("revs", results.revs);
}, svnLogOutput);

Stream all the Things

The parser has a streaming interface to allow pipes in and out. The stream will also emit events as it parses actions and revisions.

var parser = require("svn-log-parser");

var cleaner = parser();

cleaner.on("action", function( action ) {

cleaner.on("rev", function( rev ) {

cleaner.on("end", function( results ) {



* Copyright (c) 2012 Jacob Swartwood
* Licensed under the MIT license
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