Horribly simple templating

npm install swap
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Horribly simple templating.

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Swap performs string interpolation.

var swap = require('swap')

var story = swap('{subject} {action} to the {location}.', {
  subject: 'Elle and Dez',
  action: 'strolled',
  location: 'market'

console.log(story) // "Elle and Dez strolled to the market."

Comments are contained within exclamation points.

var topSecret = swap('I am here{! with two kittens!}.')

console.log(topSecret) // "I am here."

Prepend with a backslash to escape a replacement field.

var demo = swap('This is a field: \{bob}.')

console.log(demo) // "This is a field: {bob}."
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