Syslog UDP client.

npm install syslogudp
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Syslog client for Node using UDP Heavily based on the node-syslog repo by cloudhead.


npm install syslogudp


var syslog = require('syslog');
var logger = syslog.createClient(514, 'localhost');"ping!");
logger.log("Danger Wil Robinson!",logger.LOG_WARNING, callback)

logger.close(); // explicitly close the socket

A call to callback sends two parameters - an error object and a string message.

log levels

In increasing order of severity:

  • debug
  • info
  • notice
  • warning
  • error
  • crit
  • alert
  • emerg

These are available as methods on Client, ex: logger.crit().

You may also call the log method, and pass the level as the 2nd argument:

logger.log('fnord!', syslog.LOG_CRIT);

The default level is info.


Aside from the repo noted above, this node documentation was very helpful in getting this up and running.

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