Readable stream interface to live logger

npm install taskcluster-logstream
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Taskcluster uses azure (over http) to store all of our logging data... Generally this process uses standard http conventions + polling but we also needed some way to indicate when the stream ends.

The readable stream interface provided does something like this:

  • issue a request to the given url (use range if offset is available and if-none-match conditionals if etag is available)
    • a. if its not in the 200 range retry in N ms
    • b. if its in the 200 range continue
    • c. if the request contains the 'x-ms-meta-complete' header mark stream as complete (end event).
  • record the byte offset
  • record the etag
  • emit data from server in the readable stream (data event)
  • repeat these steps in N ms.


var Reader = require('taskcluster-logstream');

var stream = new Reader('myazureurl.txt');
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