simple node.js build tool

npm install tax
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simple node.js build tool. tax does tasks


// task definition

// a global function that calls to runner.createTask(name, description)
// every callback's this.args is a reference to an arguments object
task('build_less', 'compile less into ./static/less')
  .mkdir('-p ./build/less')
  .lessc('./less/index.less > ./build/css/index.css')
  .watch('./less/*', './build/css/index.css');


npm install -g tax


You must first create a tax.js file like and define all of your tasks there. Then you can run your tasks:

$ tax build_less -foo bar

or list them

$ tax -l


you can set the global config.jshint to configure jshint (check this out).



the string must be a string valid for mkdir(1). we're just wrapping a child process here.


cb is a synchronous or asynch function.
cb gets one argument (done) which must be called when done: done(err=null, string).
if cb is synchronous, then it must return a string or an array of strings (which will be contatenated together).

the rest of the api follows the same pattern







and of course





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