tbd is a test data building library, allowing you to quickly spin up large amounts of fake data to be pumped into tests

npm install tbd
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tbd - Test Data Builder

Have you ever needed to push out a bunch of data for testing your app? Maybe your backend services aren't ready but you want to build the UI for the expected data?

Well tbd to the rescue, tbd will allow you to quickly build up some data quickly and painlessly.

tbd is designed to work in both Node.js and in the browser so you can use it for any application you want.

Getting tbd

For Node.js:

npm install tbd

For the browser - grab the latest version from git.

Using tbd


Basic usage:

var tbd = require('tbd');

var data = tbd.from({ hello: 'world' }).make(10);

console.log(data.length); //10

Tweaking properties:

var tbd = require('tbd');

var data = tbd.from({ hello: 'world' })
            .prop('hello').use(function() { return 'my value; }).done()

console.log(data.length); //10


When using tbd in the browser it works exactly the same way, only you don't need the require statement (unless you want to use RequireJS).

Running the tests

There's a bunch of tests shipped which uses Jasmine so you can run them from node.js if you want:

node tests.js



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