Connection Pool for tedious.

npm install tedious-connection-pool
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A simple connection pool for tedious.

Status: Experimental


The only difference from the regular tedious API is how the connection is obtained. Once a Connection object has been acquired, the tedious API can be used with the connection as normal.

var ConnectionPool = require('tedious-connection-pool');

var pool = new ConnectionPool(poolConfig, connectionConfig);

pool.requestConnection(function (err, connection) {
  if(!err) {
    var request = new Request('select 42', function(err, rowCount) {
      assert.strictEqual(rowCount, 1);

      // Release the connection back to the pool.

    request.on('row', function(columns) {
      assert.strictEqual(columns[0].value, 42);

    connection.on('connect', function(err) {

When the connection is closed it is returned to the pool. It is then available to be reused.

Class: ConnectionPool

new ConnectionPool(poolConfig, connectionConfig)

  • poolConfig {Object}

    • max {Number} The maximum number of connections there can be in the pool. Default = 10
    • min {Number} The minimun of connections there can be in the pool. Default = 0
    • idleTimeoutMillis {Number} The Number of milliseconds before closing an unused connection. Default = 30000
  • connectionConfig {Object} The same configuration that would be used to create a tedious Connection.


  • callback {Function} Callback function
    • error {Error Object}
    • connection {Object} A Connection
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