testutil contains methods to aid in automatic testing of your application.

npm install testutil
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Node.js - testutil

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This module provides methods to aid in testing your Node.js apps.


npm install --save-dev testutil

Make sure that you run the test script to verify that it works on your system.

Libraries included:


It's already global. You don't need to do anything. It's nice to help debug some output as it modifies the string prototype.


var shell = require('testutil').shelljs


var testutil = require('testutil')

Module Methods


Synchronously creates a test directory and returns the path. Deletes the directory if it exists and recreates it.

var dirPath = testutil.createTestDir('myapp');

e.g. /tmp/test-myapp

fetchTestFiles(dirPath, callback)

Asynchronously fetches all of the files in a specified directory that end in .test.coffee or .test.js.

testutil.fetchTestFiles('test/', function(files) {
// do something with test files

You might use this in conjunction with Mocha.


Synchronously calculates the md5 of the data.


(The MIT License) See LICENSE for details.

Copyright (c) 2011-2013 JP Richardson

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