A full-featured JavaScript Textile parser

npm install textile-js
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h1. textile.js

Attempt at an implementation of fully featured Textile parser in JavaScript that runs reasonably fast and mostly avoids outputting broken HTML.

Give it a go in "a live textile web editor":http://borgar.github.com/textile-js/.

h2. Install

bc. $ npm install textile-js

h2. Options

The basic interface mimics "marked":https://github.com/chjj/marked, the popular markdown parser. So if you use that in your project then you can support Textile as well with minimal effort.

Currently, the only supported option is @breaks@ which can be used to enable/disable the default behavior of line-breaking single newlines within blocks.

h2. Usage

bc. console.log( textile( "I am using __textile__." ) );

You can also get to the syntax tree, which uses "JsonML":http://www.jsonml.org/.

bc. var jsonml = textile.parse( text );
console.log( jsonml );

h2. CLI

bc. $ textile -o hello.html
hello world
$ cat hello.html
<p>hello world</p>

h2. License

Copyright (c) 2012, Borgar ├×orsteinsson (MIT License).

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