thorax-inspector-backend ========================

npm install thorax-inspector
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Node backend to open files for the thorax-inspector Chrome plugin.

Grunt Usage

npm install thorax-inspector

In your Gruntfile.js:


  thorax: {
    inspector: {
      background: true,
      editor: "subl",
      paths: {
        views: "./js/views",
        models: "./js/models",
        collections: "./js/collections"

If background is set to true it is assumed that another async tasks such as a server or a watch task will be started. If the inspector is the only async task set background: false.

Standalone Usage

sudo npm install -g thorax-inspector
cd your_project
thorax-inspector optional-config.json &

The optional configuration file may contain:

  "editor": "subl",
  "paths": {
    "views": "./js/views",
    "models": "./js/models",
    "collections": "./js/collections"

The "editor" must be a command that can be run from your shell.

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