Node wrapper around the Tickspot API

npm install tickspot-api
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A Node module wrapping the Tickspot API.


npm install tickspot-api


All calls to Tickspot's API are made over HTTPS.

var Tickspot = require('tickspot-api');

var ts = new Tickspot('yourcompany', 'your@email', 'yourpassword');

Every method can use either the Node.js callback pattern, and/or use the promise returned by the method. The next two examples are equivalent.

ts.recentTasks(function (error, tasks) {
    if (!error) {
        console.log(tasks); // Print the array of recent tasks
ts.recentTasks().then(function (tasks) {
    console.log(tasks); // Print the array of recent tasks


There is an equivalent method for every endpoint listed at the Tickspot API.

  • clients([options], [callback])
  • projects([options], [callback])
  • tasks(project_id, [options], [callback])
  • clientsProjectsTasks([callback])
  • entries(start_date, [end_date], [options], [callback])
  • recentTasks([callback])
  • users([options], [callback])
  • createEntry(task_id, hours, date, [options], [callback])
  • updateEntry(id, [options], [callback])
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