command line key/value store

npm install tik
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A command line key/value store based on LevelDB


npm install -g tik


tik <key> [newvalue]

retrieve key value if no newvalue specified, or set the value of key to newvalue if it is.


  • -d <dir> or --database <dir> - Use LevelDB from <dir> instead of default.

additional commands

tik ls

list all keys and values

tik lskeys

list all keys

tik rm key [key2 ..]

remove key from db, accepts a list of keys separated by space

as a module

im not sure why you would want to, but it's possible..

var Tik = require('tik').Tik,
    tik = new Tik();

tik.listAll() // read stream of all key: value

tik.keyStream() // read stream of all keys

tik.readStream() // feed this stream key names and it will pump out values

tik.writeStream() // feed it objects like { key: keyName, value: valueName }

tik.deleteStream() // throw a key name in here and watch it disappear



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