Two-line element set (TLE) data format

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Two-line element set (TLE)

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A two-line element set (TLE) is a data format used to convey sets of orbital elements that describe the orbits of Earth-orbiting satellites. A computer program called a model can use the TLE to compute the position of a satellite at a particular time. The TLE is a format specified by NORAD and used by NORAD and NASA. The TLE can be used directly by the SGP4 model (or one of the SGP8, SDP4, SDP8 models). Orbital elements are determined for many thousands of space objects by NORAD and are freely distributed on the Internet in the form of TLEs. A TLE consists of a title line followed by two lines of formatted text.

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$ npm install tle


More, detailed information is available at NASA Human Space Flight:


From NASA Human Space Flight:

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