TML Wrapper to legacy Javascript

npm install tml-legacy
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tml-legacy(7) -- legacy to legacy native Javascript


tml-legacy wraps a TML bootstrap supported by two legacy Javascript modules.


lib/AtCompiler.js provides the tml.mbnf parser and generates rules for the code generators managed by lib/AtJavascript.js.

lib/AtJavsscript.js accepts a parse tree and target language def from lib/AtCompiler.js and generates the program modules in accordance with the language definition.




The native Javascript code in this module reflects the learning curve the author went through in the development of TML. After a few months of using Javascript and node.js, the author can state with confidence that while some design aspects this module have merit, the code itself is garbage.

Eventually, tmlc and supporting functionality in this module will be moved to the tml module, and this module will be deprecated.

tml-legacy is Copyright (C) 2013 Erin Phillips


tml(1), tml(5), tml-runtime(3), tml-sublime(7), ronn-format(7), markdown(7)

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