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npm install to-markdown
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An HTML to Markdown converter written in javascript.

A basic implementation is there, but it's not yet fully bulletproof (contributions welcome!).

Known issues

There are a couple of known issues surrounding blockquotes in lists (and perhaps vice versa) — #2; and also how to handle HTML elements outside of the markdown subset (keep them/strip them?) — #3.

Running under Node.js

to-markdown can also be run under Node.js. Install it via NPM, and then:

var toMarkdown = require('to-markdown').toMarkdown;
console.log(toMarkdown('<b>Hello world</b>'));
// Will output '**Hello world**'

Unit tests

Node.js unit tests can be run with NodeUnit:

$ npm test

This will test both server-side and client-side tests (using zombie-qunit).


to-markdown is copyright © 2011 Dom Christie and released under the MIT license.

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