convert geojson to kml

npm install tokml
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Convert GeoJSON to KML.


with node/browserify

npm install --save tokml



as a binary:

npm install -g tokml
tokml file.geojson > file.kml
tokml < file.geojson > file.kml


// kml is a string of KML data, geojsonObject is a JavaScript object of
// GeoJSON data
var kml = tokml(geojsonObject);

// grab name and description properties from each object and write them in
// KML
var kmlNameDescription = tokml(geojsonObject, {
    name: 'name',
    description: 'description'

// name and describe the KML document as a whole
var kmlDocumentName = tokml(geojsonObject, {
    documentName: 'My List Of Markers',
    documentDescription: "One of the many places you are not I am"


tokml(geojsonObject, [options])

Given GeoJSON data as an object, return KML data as a string of XML.

options is an optional object that takes the following options:

The property to name/description mapping: while GeoJSON supports freeform properties on each feature, KML has an expectation of name and description properties that are often styled and displayed automatically. These options let you define a mapping from the GeoJSON style to KML's.

  • name: the name of the property in each GeoJSON Feature that contains the feature's name
  • description: the name of the property in each GeoJSON Feature that contains the feature's description

Document name and description: KML supports name and description properties for the full document.

  • documentName: the name of the full document
  • documentDescription: the description of the full document

simplestyle-spec support:

  • simplestyle: set to true to convert simplestyle-spec styles into KML styles


Requires node.js and browserify:

To build tokml.js:


To run tests:

npm install
npm test
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