A node.js wrapper for

npm install torcache
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A node.js wrapper for


For example, if you want to download the Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit torrent file and for some strange reason you happen to have the info hash, then you can do the following:

var torcache = require('torcache');

torcache('e50331a0a8499d95ef8ebd546113cd021275c877', 'ubuntu-server-13.04-64.torrent', function(err) {
  if (err) {
  } else {
    console.log('great success!');

Now most people don't really have the info hash handy, so in that case I recommend using another library for the torrent finding part of the job. The library comes to mind as its search function returns a list of torrent objects with the infoHash property.

torcache(hash, path, callback)

  • hash a torrent info hash string
  • filename the path/filename the torrent file should be saved to
  • callback only one argument returned (err) - will be null if all went well
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