Server side of totoro.

npm install totoro-server
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Server side of totoro.

Latest stable version:v0.5.x

1. Installation

Node requirement

>= 0.10.12

Install from npm

$ npm install totoro-server -g

If it not works, you may add sudo before the command, as follows.

Install from github

To get the latest function (may not be stable)

$ git clone
$ cd totoro-server
$ npm install -g

2. Quick Start

  1. Launch server.

     $ totoro-server

    You should see a log like bellow:

     info 2014-03-03 12:16:39 index.js:66 | Start server <{{yourIP}}:9999>
  2. Use any browser to visit {{yourIP}}:9999, then it could be used to test.

  3. Allowing popup setting, make sure browser won't block popup from {{yourIP}}.

    Refer to popup settings.

Want to run some test? See the quick start of totoro.

3. Cli Options

-H, --host

Server host。

Default: IP of this computer.

-P, --port

Server port。

Default: 9999

-d, --debug

Show debug log.

Default: false

4. Config File

If you need a config file, just place totoro-srever-config.json in the CWD, all options are written in lower camel case.

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