A 750 Tradebox API plugin

npm install tradebox
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A 750 Tradebox API plugin.


<div class="tradebox">Loading...</div>
<script src="browserify-bundle.js"></script>

Then in your app:

var $ = require('jquery-browserify');
var tb = require('tradebox');

// set your api key
tb.apiKey = '7d2c4ce01927fdfb17eca3deead4fc2f';

// get tradebox dirs/files
tb(function(err, data, html) {

  // clear and put the html into your container

  // recursively append the template for dirs



tradebox([options,] callback)

callback(err, data, html)

  • err If an error
  • data Object of raw data from tradebox
  • html Templated HTML


  • path Path to get files from.
  • apiKey Set your api key.
  • url Specify a different API URL. Defaults to '//'.
  • template String of the template you wish to use. Or the element that contains a template, ie: $('#my-template'). Defaults to 'main'.
  • templates An object of templates.

Templates are underscore/lodash templates with data from the callback passed to them. To add your own new template do:

var templates = {
  mytpl: [
    '<% _.each(contents, function(file) { %>',
      '<div><%= %></div>',
    '<% }); %>'
  templates: templates
}, function(err, data, html) {
  // do something with it here

Tradebox.recurse(elements[, levels])

Easiest to call recurse within the callback with this.recurse().

  • elements List of elements to recurse on, ie: $('.tradebox-dirs')
  • levels Amount of dir levels to recurse down. Default is 0.


With npm:

$ npm install tradebox

Use browserify to require('tradebox').


Copyright (c) 2013 750 Group, LLC Licensed under the MIT license.

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