Clone directories using copy/symlink

npm install traverse-directory
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Traverse directories with various ways of reading/copying/symlink directories. The intent is primarily cases where you want to do complex cloning of one directory into another.


Traverse directory is an async queue. Each operation is added to the queue (but operations run in parallel) and when no more operations are left on the queue the traverse directory is complete.

Setting up the traversal is the first step:

var TraverseDirectory = require('traverse-directory');

var traverse = new TraverseDirectory(
  '/path/to/source', /* source directory */
  '/path/to/dest' /* path to target */

// the target directory will be created if it does not exist already.

Handle directories starting with the source

@param {String} source directory.
@param {String} target directory (this does not exist yet).
@param {Function} next see usage below.
*/, target, next) {
  the "next" argument is a function which expects three arguments
  which handle how the source / target are handled.

  @param {Function} action (see below) to handle source/target.
  @param {String} source path.
  @param {String} target path.
  next(TraverseDirectory.copydir, source, target);

Handle file found in a directory. Unlike the directory 
command file is optional (though generally needed).

@param {String} source directory.
@param {String} target directory (this does not exist yet).
@param {Function} next see usage below.
traverse.file(function(source, target, next) {
  // see directory
}); {
  // traversal is complete

// after run is called event listeners can be added in addition.
traverse.on('error', ...);
traverse.on('complete', ...);


The "next" argument above takes an action for examples on how to write actions see index.js.

For files:


copies the contents of a file


symlinks file from source to dest

For directories:


reads all files in directory (triggers the call to file)


Calls readdir and creates a directory in the target path. This action does not affect files.


Symlinks target directory to source directory.

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