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npm install trello
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# Trello
## A simple asynchronous client for [Trello](

This is a wrapper for some of the Trello HTTP API. Please feel free to add any other pieces you need! :)

## Installation
    npm install trello

## Usage
First, generate your Trello application key [like this](, then follow [these confusing instructions]( to get a user token. These need to be supplied when you create the Trello object (see below).
## Example
  var Trello = require("trello");
  var trello = new Trello("MY APPLICATION KEY", "MY USER TOKEN");

  trello.addCard('Clean car', 'Wax on, wax off', myListId,
      function (error, trelloCard) {
          if (error) {
              console.log('Could not add card:', error);
          else {
              console.log('Added card:', trelloCard);
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