tiny tap test thing

npm install tt
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A very very small tap-emitting test framework.

This is not a test runner, but you can use tap as your test runner. Because tt outputs TAP formatted results, it'll get interpreted nicely.


Do this in your test script:

var test = require('tt')

test('first test', function(t) {
  t.equal(2, 1 + 1, 'math works')
  t.equal(0.3, 0.1 + 0.1 + 0.1, 'except when it doesnt')
  t.test('child test', function(t) {
    t.pass('this will always pass')'this will never pass')

test('second test', function(t) {
  t.ok(true, 'etc')

Run it with node my-test.js, or your favorite TAP-aware test runner thingie.


The function exported by require('tt') is the test function. Give it a name and a function. That function will get an argument object which has some assertion methods.

Every function from require('assert') are supported, but they output TAP data rather than throwing.

Also, you have t.pass(message),, t.comment(message), and t.test(name, fn).

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