A node.js API for the TVRage web services.

npm install tvragejson
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A node.js API for the TVRage web services; as per the name, all responses are JSON.


npm install tvragejson


var TVRage = require('tvragejson');

// Search for a show by name, returning the first match."The Big Bang Theory", function(response) {

// Get information for a particular show - in this case we
// are using the show ID for "The Big Bang Theory"."8511", function(response) {

Supported methods

  • search - Search shows by name
  • fullSearch - Full search for shows by name
  • showInfo - Show info based on a show id that can be acquired via search or fullSearch
  • fullShowInfo - Full show info based on a show id that can be acquired via search or fullSearch
  • episodeList - Episode list based on a show id that can be acquired via the search or fullSearch
  • episode_info - Episode info based on a show id (attainable via search or fullSearch) and an episode (attainable via episodeList)
  • fullShowList - Full TV show list
  • fullSchedule - Full TV schedule based on a two letter country representation as defined by ISO 3166

What's next?

  • Add some tests
  • Add ability to optionally return XML as served from TVRage without converting to JSON


All contributions are welcome, feel free to fork master, make your changes and open a pull request.

Grunt is used with the JSHint and Watch plugins. To get up and running with grunt you need to do the following:

  • Install the Grunt Command Line Interface tools: npm install -g grunt-cli
  • Install the current Grunt version local to this project (so ensure you make this within the project's directory): npm install grunt --save-dev

Upon making any code changes, make sure you run grunt test from within the project's directory to verify that there are no errors (this is done using the JSHint plugin mentioned above) - if there are any errors, make all necessary changes before opening a pull request.



  • Added a more elaborate .gitignore


  • Added Grunt


  • Added David dependency management badge


Licensed under the MIT License

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