Extract mustache tokens from a file or string.

npm install tweezers
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Node.js - tweezers

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tweezers extracts your mustache, hogan.js, handelbars or any arbitrary tokens. It's colloquially named to stick with the "mustache" theme.


Sometimes you want to know what the mustache tokens are in a file or string before your compile and render.


npm install --save tweezers


tweeze(string, [open], [close])

Extract the tokens into an array.

var tweeze = require('tweezers');

 var data = "Hello {{name}}!\nMay I send you an email to {{email}}?"
data += "\nI'd really love to talk to you at {{email}}, please?"

var tokens = tweeze(data);
console.dir(tokens); //{ name: 1, email: 2 }


(MIT License)

Copyright 2012, JP Richardson

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