Twitter Bot is parent class for your twitter project that needs to iterate followers eternally (see @listwatcher and @unfollowr)

npm install twitter_bot
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Twitter Bot - skeleton for twitter robots

If you need to create twitter bot that will eternally iterate over own followers - this is what you need.


Install it from npm:

npm install twitter_bot


  1. Register twitter account for your bot.
  2. Register twitter application for your bot.
  3. Get access tokens for your application from your bot's account.
  4. Write some code ```javascript var util = require("util"),

     TwitterBot = require("twitter_bot"),

    // overwrite constructor function MyBot(config) {
     // make something cool in constructor
     this.isCool = true;


    util.inherits(MyBot, TwitterBot);

    // main function that you must implement MyBot.prototype.process = function(id, callback) {

     console.log("Processing user with id=" + id);
     setTimeout(callback, 1000);


    // create instance of your bot bot = new MyBot({

     consumer_key        : "<consumer key from application settings page>",
     consumer_secret     : "<consumer secret from application settings page>",
     access_token_key    : "<auth token of your bot given to your app>",
     access_token_secret : "<auth token secret of your bot given to your app>",
     concurrency         : 10 // concurrency level, 10 is default


// start processing your followers

// after 10 seconds stop iterating new followers,
// but finish processing current ones
setTimeout(bot.stop.bind(bot), 10000);

// this is it.
  1. Promote yourself.


This project came from @listwatcher (sources) code and is used in @unfollowr twitter project to manage more than 200K followers.


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