custom error type creator: throw new CustomError()

npm install typederror
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custom error type creator: throw new CustomError()


$ npm install typederror


var typedError = require('typederror')

var MyError = typedError('MyError', {code: 0x1d107, message: 'Not a winning gamepiece.'})

var e = new MyError()

// => 0x1d107

// => 'Not a winning gamepiece.'

// => 'MyError: Not a winning gamepiece.'

It'll give you a stack trace, just like a real Error!

// => your normal stack trace-y stuff

It's instanceof Error

e instanceof Error
// => true

You can pass inner error messages!

if (err) {
  throw new MyError('We gots an error!', err);
// err is available on the newly thrown error's `.inner` property


typedError(name, opts) => TypedError

name should be your the name of your error. By convention, it should be PascalCase and end in Error. opts is an optional object with any of these properties:

  • message: default message for this error type
  • code: value representing this type of error (for example, to map to an existing code set, like HTTP status codes)

Returns a TypedError constructor function.

TypedError() or TypedError(message) or TypedError(inner) or TypedError(message, inner)

Constructor. May be called with or without new keyword.

message is a String. inner is an Error, an error to attach to the inner property. Use when throwing a new error in response to another error.


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