Typescript compiler wrapper

npm install typescript-compiler
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Typescript compiler wrapper. Exposes the TypeScript command line compiler to your code.


Require the compiler...

var tsc = require('typescript-compiler');

call it!

tsc.compile(['a.ts', 'b.ts'], ['--out', 'out.js'])

Module Interface


The path of lib.d.ts


The TypeScript class as defined by TypeScript


The IO class as defined by TypeScript


The BatchCompiler class as defined by TypeScript

compile(files, tscArgs, onError)



required - Type: array

A list of files to be compiled.


optional - Type: string or array - Default: []

Arguments to be passed to the compiler

  • string An string containing the arguments as you would use on the terminal but without the files to compile. E.g. "--target ES5"
  • array Each item in the array is a "word" in the command line. Options which receive parameters are split into two elements, i.e., to pass --target ES5 you need to pass to compile an array like this: ['--target', 'ES5'].

Check the options for the current version:

Syntax:   tsc [options] [file ..]

Examples: tsc hello.ts
          tsc --out foo.js foo.ts
          tsc @args.txt

  --allowbool                   Allow 'bool' as a synonym for 'boolean'.
  --allowimportmodule           Allow 'module(...)' as a synonym for 'require(...)'.
  -d, --declaration             Generates corresponding .d.ts file
  -h, --help                    Print this message
  --mapRoot LOCATION            Specifies the location where debugger should locate map files instead of generated locations.
  -m KIND, --module KIND        Specify module code generation: "commonjs" or "amd"
  --noImplicitAny               Warn on expressions and declarations with an implied 'any' type.
  --noResolve                   Skip resolution and preprocessing
  --out FILE                    Concatenate and emit output to single file.
  --outDir DIRECTORY            Redirect output structure to the directory
  --removeComments              Do not emit comments to output
  --sourcemap                   Generates corresponding .map file
  --sourceRoot LOCATION         Specifies the location where debugger should locate TypeScript files instead of source locations.
  -t VERSION, --target VERSION  Specify ECMAScript target version: "ES3" (default), or "ES5"
  -v, --version                 Print the compiler's version:
  -w, --watch                   Watch input files
  @<file>                       Insert command line options and files from a file.

optional - Type: function(error: string) : bool - Default: io.stderr.WriteLine

A simple callback function which will be called whenever an error is sent through io.stderr.WriteLine with the error message which was sent.

Return false to prevent the default error callback (io.stderr.WriteLine) to writing to the stderr output.


tsc.compile(['a.ts', 'b.ts'], "--out out.js");


Initial code created by iano which was inspired by typescript-wrapper

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