Underscore mixins for deeply nested objects

npm install underscore.deep
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Underscore.deep is a collection of Underscore mixins that operate on nested objects.

This README is written in Literate CoffeeScript as a Mocha test suite, so you can execute all of the examples - just run:

make README.coffee.md


npm install underscore
npm install underscore.deep


_ = require 'underscore'
_.mixin require 'underscore.deep'


describe 'underscore.deep', ->
  {assert, _} = require './test/readmeHelpers'


Takes an object and produces a new object with no nested objects, converting any nested objects to sets of fields with dot-notation keys, recursively.

  describe '_.deepToFlat', ->

    it 'does nothing with shallow objects', ->
      assert.deepEqual _.deepToFlat({}),             {}
      assert.deepEqual _.deepToFlat( shallow: 1 ),   shallow: 1

    it 'deepToFlats nested objects', ->
      assert.deepEqual _.deepToFlat( deeply: { nested: 2 } ), 'deeply.nested': 2
      assert.deepEqual _.deepToFlat(
            first: 'Deep'
            last: 'Blue'
          age: 33
        'user1.name.first': 'Deep'
        'user1.name.last': 'Blue'
        'user1.age': '33'


Takes an object and produces a new object with no dot-notation keys, converting any set of dot-notation keys with the same prefix to a nested object, recursively.

Warning: Any keys with a dot (.) in the input object will be converted to nested objects, so if you use dots in your keys you may want to replace them before you call _.deepFromFlat.

  describe '_.deepFromFlat', ->
    it 'does nothing with objects with no dot-notation', ->
      assert.deepEqual _.deepFromFlat({}),             {}
      assert.deepEqual _.deepFromFlat( shallow: 1 ),   shallow: 1

    it 'deepFromFlats a flat object', ->
      assert.deepEqual _.deepFromFlat( 'deeply.nested': 2 ), deeply: { nested: 2 }
      assert.deepEqual _.deepFromFlat(
        'user1.name.first': 'Deep'
        'user1.name.last': 'Blue'
        'user1.age': '33'
            first: 'Deep'
            last: 'Blue'
          age: 33

.deepToFlat and .deepFromFlat

Taken as a pair, _.deepToFlat and _.deepFromFlat have an interesting relationship:

  describe '_.deepToFlat and _.deepFromFlat', ->
    it 'they undo each other', ->
      deepObj = a: 1, b: { c: 2 }
      flatObj = a: 1, 'b.c': 2
      assert.deepEqual flatObj, _.deepToFlat deepObj
      assert.deepEqual deepObj, _.deepFromFlat flatObj

They are inverses (of a sort)! We can reformulate this as a property that holds for any flatObj and deepObj:

      assert.deepEqual flatObj, _.deepToFlat _.deepFromFlat flatObj
      assert.deepEqual deepObj, _.deepFromFlat _.deepToFlat deepObj


Takes an object and makes a copy of it, recursively copying any nested objects or arrays. Instances of classes, like Number or String, are not cloned.

  describe '_.deepClone', ->

    orig =
          quote: 'Computer science is no more about computers' +
            'than astronomy is about telescopes.'
          sayer: 'Dijkstra'
        pools: [
          { depth: 10 }
          { depth: 20 }
          { depth: 30 }

    it 'clones an object deeply', ->
      copy = _.deepClone orig
      assert.deepEqual copy, orig
      assert.notStrictEqual copy, orig
      assert.notStrictEqual copy.deepThings.proverbs, orig.deepThings.proverbs
      assert.notStrictEqual copy.deepThings.pools, orig.deepThings.pools

    it 'is equivalent to the composition of _.deepFromFlat, _.clone, and _.deepToFlat', ->
      copy2 = _.deepFromFlat _.clone _.deepToFlat orig
      assert.deepEqual copy2, orig
      assert.notEqual copy2, orig





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