Simplest possible prototypal inheritance sugar. For node and browser.

npm install unterproto
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Simplest possible prototypal inheritance sugar. For node.js and browser.


For node.js:

npm install unterproto

For browser you must include lib/unterproto.js into your page. Unterproto is AMD-aware so if you are using require.js you don't need to add an extra shim for it.


See live example: http://jsfiddle.net/fragphace/UCEqd/.

(function () {
  var A = Unterproto.inherits({
    initialize: function (foo) {
        this.foo = foo;

  var B = A.inherits({
    getFoo: function () {
        return this.foo;

  var b = B.instance('bar');
  alert(b.getFoo()); // 'bar'


For node.js tests run:

npm test

For browser test run buster manually or try:

grunt buster
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