Urban Airship API wrapper.

npm install urban-airship
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NPM version

Simple wrapper for the Urban Airship API.


npm install urban-airship
var UA = require("urban-airship");
var ua = new UA("<api key>", "<api secret key>", "<api master key>");


Sample API Calls

  1. Register a device

    ua.registerDevice("< token >", function(error) {...});

  2. Create payloads for the push notification API needed.

    Information available here. http://urbanairship.com/docs/push.html

    Push Notification Examples:

     a)    "/api/push/"
     var payload0 = {
         "device_tokens": [
         The device or device ids to send the message to
         "aps": {
             "alert": "Calling Urban Airship!",
             "badge": 2
     ua.pushNotification("/api/push", payload0, function(error) {....});
     b) "/api/push/broadcast/"
     var payload1 = {
         "aps": {
              "badge": 15,
              "alert": "Calling Urban Airship!",
              "sound": "cat.caf"
         "exclude_tokens": [
             "device token you want to skip",
             "another device token you want to skip"
     ua.pushNotification("/api/push/broadcast/", payload1, function(error) {.....});
  3. Unregister a device.

    ua.unregisterDevice("< token >", function(error) {....});

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