URL express resource CRUD helper, helping you simply and quickly expose basic CRUD operations for your express projecs

npm install url-express-crud
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url-express-crud Project

This project is aimed to helps developers exposing (having out of box created) basic CRUD actions for their models(resource) in express.js based applications.


  • Install the project by adding it as a dependency within your project's package configuration file.
  • Require the library component.
  • Expose basic CRUD operations for your Models (for now only Mongoose models are supported out of box):
      var productCrudRoutes = new crud.CRUDRouter({  
            app: app  
            , Model: mongoose.model('Product')  
  • To use different persistence strategy, you have to configure your own custom resource providers as described in an example application url-express-crud-example.


To see an example usage for this (url-express-crud) library check out this repo:

* [url-express-crud-example](https://github.com/uroslates/url-express-crud-example)

The repo above is demoing the basic usage of url-express-crud library.

More information about the library and how to use it can be found on UroŇ° Lates's blog.


UroŇ° Lates

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