npm install verify
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var verify = require("verify")();

verify.register("email", "Invalid email").is(/regexp/).len(6, 64);
verify.register("name", "Invalid name").len(2);
verify.register("phoneNumber", "Invalid phone number").sanitize(/\d+\-\d+\-\d+/, function(number) {
    return number.replace(/-/g, "");
verify.register("fullName", "Invalid full name").is("name");

//don't throw an error if validation 

var options = {
    phoneNumber: "994-433-3444",
    email: "",
    fullName: "Wu"

if(verify.that(options).has("email", "phoneNumber", "fullName").sanitize()) {
    console.log(options.phoneNumber); //994443344



- `throwsError` - TRUE if the validation library throws an error if one occurs

chain verify.register(name, message)

registers a new verifiable item

chain verify.get(name)

returns a validator chain that's already registered

Chain API


check against a given value

chain.sanitize(check, fn)

sanitizes the value based on the check.

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