A lightweight MVC using director + handlebars with optional resource delivery

npm install veritech
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Super simple MVC using director and handlebars, less than 200 lines.


first, install:

npm install veritech

then require:

var server = require('veritech');

when you launch your server, you provide a set of routes to the system through the director route syntax, plus you can execute any controller in the system with a call to

server.controller(name, arguments, request, response);

which will execute a controller for the page, or you can just manually handle that route

Command Line Options

From the interactive output:

-h, --help                           output usage information
-V, --version                        output the version number
-p, --port [number]                  The port to listen on
-x, --ssl_pfx [pfx]                  PKCS#12 archive
-P, --ssl_port [number]              port for ssl connections
-K, --ssl_key [key]                  SSL key file
-C, --ssl_certificate [certificate]  SSL certificate file
-c, --config [file]                  Load a set of configurations from a JSON file
-l, --log_level                      The granularity of logging [1-5] where 1 is the most general
-v, --verbose                        Enable verbose output at the the present log level

just pass these in as you execute your script and they'll get picked up


Controllers are just arbitrary bits of js which handle rendering for a page, sitting in the Controllers directory.

you have a bunch of utility functions exposed:

render(templateName, data, callback)

renders a template


writes text to the buffer


and it passes through request, response and arguments.


These are pure handlebars templates with the naming convention of [name].handlebars.tpl and sitting in the Templates directory.

If you had a template 'product/details' it would exist at 'Templates/product/details.handlebars.tpl'


The Mocha is still brewing


-Abbey Hawk Sparrow

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