view-test allows you to easily test Jade and EJS templates in the browser

npm install view-test
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view-test is a command line app written in node.js that enables easy testing of Jade and EJS templates. To install, simply run npm install view-test -g. Then, to get started, run view-test [options]. The templates will be accessible at http://localhost:[port]/[template name without extension]. For example, if we run view-test -p 1234 -e jade in a directory with a Jade template named demo.jade, the file would be accessible at http://localhost:1234/demo.


These are accessible by typing view-test —help as well.

  • -e, --engine — Specify the templating engine to be used - either “jade” or “ejs”. Defaults to ejs.
  • -p, --port — Specify the port on which the templates can be accessed. Defaults to 3000.
  • -v, --vars — Specify the variables to be rendered in the templates. Defaults to nothing. Note that these should be in JSON format, but with properties separated by a period instead of a comma. If you would like to change this, feel free to fork the project and edit line 22, character 33.
  • -d, --dir — Specify the directory of the template files. Defaults to the current directory.
  • -s, --static — Specify the directory of the static files (stylesheets, images, etc). Defaults to the templates directory.
  • -i, --index — Specify the index template (accessible at localhost:port/). Defaults to nothing.

view-test is open-source and is licensed under the MIT License. To put it simply, this means that you can use it in both free and commercial work with a few conditions. For more information, see the license file included with this source code or visit

view-test is © 2012 gtmtg. Some rights reserved. See the license file or visit the link above for more information.

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