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npm install vine
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Vine - JSON Message builder

What's this?

Just a small utility to help build consistent JSON messages, usually for API's.


Consistency. It's also cleaner, and easier to maintain.

Where should I use this?

- nice replacement for callback(err, result);

Code Usage:

var vine = require('vine');

var data = vine.message('hello %s %s','craig','condon').

error('this is an error').

warning('this is a warning').

//time to cache this response

//result data = success
result({data:'and this is some data'});


/* output:

    { message: 'hello craig condon',
      errors: [ { message: 'this is an error' } ],
      warnings: [ { message: 'this is a warning' } ],
      ttl: 5,
      result: { data: 'and this is some data' } }


To Do:

  • code != clean
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