Injects one or more browserify transforms into all dependencies of a package recursively.

npm install viralify
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Injects browserify transforms into specified dependencies of a package recursively.

viralify . -t browserify-swap -p ansicolors
var viralify = require('viralify');

viralify(root, [ 'foo', 'bar' ], 'browserify-swap', function (err) {
  if (err) return console.error(err);
  // package.json's of packages 'foo' and 'bar', found in root and below,
  // now have 'browserify-swap' added to the end of their 'browserify.transform' field


npm install viralify


viralify <path> <options>

  Inject browserify transform(s) into the package.json files of specified packages at and below the given path.


  -t, --transform   transform(s) to inject (required)
  -p, --packages    packages into which to inject the transforms (required)
  -f, --front       if set, the transform(s) are injected in the front of the transform field so they run first


  Inject 'browserify-swap' transform for all foo dependencies of the package in the current directory

    viralify . -t browserify-swap -p foo

  Inject 'envify' and 'es6ify' transforms in front for all foo and bar dependencies of the package
  in the current directory

    viralify ./node_modules --transform envify --transform es6ify --front --package foo -p bar


viralify(root, packages, transform, front, cb)

Injects the given transform(s) into the browserify.transform field of all package.jsons of the packages below the given root that where specified.

If the transform(s) were contained in the package.json already, no changes are made and no writes performed. This means that all viralify runs succeeding the first one will be much faster.

Name Type Argument Description
root String

of the package

packages Array.<String>

one or more packages to which the transforms should be added

transform Array.<String>

one or more transforms to be added to the transform field

front Boolean <optional>

if set transforms are added to the front of the transform field so they run first

cb function

called when the transform injection is complete


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viralify.sync(root, packages, transform, front)

Same as viralify but performed synchronously.



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