Minimal string/DOM templating.

npm install vixen
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Minimal string/DOM templating hybrid developed for use with node-webkit.

Only ~11kb and ~2.5kb minified+gzip.

Example usage

<div id="view">
  <h1>I'm {{}}</h1>

  <h2>And I like</h2>
  <ul vx-for="i:like in me.likes">
    <li class="{{i | alt}}">{{like}}</li>

  <input value="{{message}}" placeholder="Write something…"/>
  <button onclick="{{shout}}">and try my event handling</button>
var view = vixen(document.getElementById('view'), {
  me: {
    name: 'Vixen',
    likes: [ 'Trampolines', 'Geese', 'Washing machines', 'Other foxes' ]
  shout: function() {
    alert('You wrote: "'+view.message+'".');
    view.message = '';
  alt: function(i) { return i%2 === 0 ? 'dark' : 'light'; }

See it in action.

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