A volo command for deploying to GitHub Pages

npm install volo-ghdeploy
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A volo command for deploying a directory to GitHub Pages.


Install this command via npm into a project's local node_modules directory:

npm install volo-ghdeploy

Then, in the volofile for the project, create a volo command name that does a require() for this command, and pass it the buildDir and pagesDir to use:

//in the volofile
module.exports = {
    //Creates a local project command called ghdeploy
    ghdeploy: require('volo-ghdeploy')('www-built', 'www-ghdeploy')


While in the project directory, just type:

volo ghdeploy

To deploy the code to github. You may be prompted the first time you run it for information on how to connect to github and what repo to use.

ghdeploy will create the repo if it does not exist.


MIT and new BSD.

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