Watch is a [`volo`](https://github.com/volojs/volo) command that monitors CSS/JS

npm install volo-watch
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Watch for volo

Watch is a volo command that monitors CSS/JS files. Upon modification, watch minifies the file that it is monitoring. Usage is fairly simple. First, ensure you have volo installed:

$ npm install -g volo

Then, install watch via npm:

$ npm install -g volo-watch

Now run the volo watch command with two parameters:

  • the input file that should be monitored for changes
  • the minified file to output to when the input file changes

For example, the following will watch style.css in the current working directory for changes. When style.css is altered, it will minify it and output the result to style.min.css, also in the current working directory.

$ volo watch style.css style.min.css

In like manner, if you needed to monitor a JavaScript file—say, script.js— simply use the exact same syntax with modified options:

$ volo watch script.js script.min.js

And that's watch for volo.

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