tools to work with voxel generation and chunking in javascript

npm install voxel
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voxel geometry generation and meshing algorithms in javascript. written by @mikolalysenko and put on npm by me.


in node:

npm install voxel

in a browser:

use voxel-browser.js


require('voxel').generate(low, high, iterator)

where low and high are [x, y, z] start and end positions to iterate over and iterator is the function that visits each voxel

returns an object like this: { "voxels": "a 1D Int32Array filled with voxel data", "dims": [x, y, z] }

example that creates randomly colored voxels:

require('voxel').generate([0,0,0], [16,16,16], function(x,y,z) {
  return Math.round(Math.random() * 0xffffff)

a sphere:

require('voxel').generate([0,0,0], [32,32,32], function(x,y,z) {
  return x*x+y*y+z*z <= 16*16 ? 0x113344 : 0

using the included generator functions:

var voxel = require('voxel')
voxel.generate([0,0,0], [32,32,32], voxel.generator['Hilly Terrain'])
// or
voxel.geometry['Hilly Terrain'] // pre-generated at some specific example size


meshers is an object with stupid, culled, monotone and greedy mesher functions. you probably want to just use greedy. all mesher functions accept voxel data in the format the gets returned by the generate function.


an object that contains a bunch of voxel generation functions to play with, from http://mikolalysenko.github.com/MinecraftMeshes2/


returns an object that contains a bunch of pre-generated voxel geometries to play with, from http://mikolalysenko.github.com/MinecraftMeshes2/



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