generate voxel trees

npm install voxel-forest
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generate voxel trees


Run this example.

var createTerrain = require('voxel-perlin-terrain');

var createEngine = require('voxel-engine');
var game = createEngine({
    generateVoxelChunk: createTerrain(2, 32),
    chunkDistance: 2,
    materials: [ 'grass_top', 'tree_side', 'leaves_opaque' ],
    texturePath: './textures/'
game.controls.pitchObject.rotation.x = -1.5;
window.game = game;

var createTree = require('voxel-forest');
for (var i = 0; i < 250; i++) {
    createTree(game, { bark: 2, leaves: 3 });

var explode = require('voxel-debris')(game);
game.on('mousedown', function (pos) {
    if (erase) explode(pos)
    else game.createBlock(pos, 1)

window.addEventListener('keydown', ctrlToggle);
window.addEventListener('keyup', ctrlToggle);

var erase = true
function ctrlToggle (ev) { erase = !ev.ctrlKey }


var createTree = require('voxel-forest')

createTree(game, opts)

Create a tree for the voxel-engine instance game and options opts.

opts.bark and opts.leaves are the voxel data values to use for the tree materials.

opts.height is the number of blocks for the tree to grow up to.

opts.base is the block height to start putting foliage around the trunk.

opts.position is an object with x, y, and z fields that describes where to put the tree. If opts.position.y is inside of terrain or suspended in the air, the y will be cast upward or downward to the terrain surface.

If opts.position isn't given, a random location on the voxel terrain will be chosen.


With npm do:

npm install voxel-forest

Use browserify to require('voxel-forest') in the browser.



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