Watching of file trees based on node-inotify

npm install watch-inotify
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Version of watch (by Mike Rogers) module, which uses node-inotify for watching/monitoring file trees.


As in original module API is not changed, so creating of monitor is the same:

var ctrl = watch.createMonitor('/home/mikeal', function (monitor) {
    monitor.on("created", function (f, stat) {
        // handle creation
    monitor.on("changed", function (f, curr, prev) {
        // handle file changes
    monitor.on("removed", function (f, stat) {
        // handle deletion

// When we are done remove all inotify watchers:


  • Update code to use FS Events (for OS X) and make this module support both inotify and FS Events (maybe use NodeJS-FSEvents?)
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