fast waveform generation

npm install waveform-autowidth
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Command Line Usage:

waveform [options] audiofile pngfile

Available options with their defaults:
--width 256                 width of the image
--height 64                 height of the image
--color-bg 00000000         bg color, rrggbbaa
--color-center 000000ff     gradient center color, rrggbbaa
--color-outer 000000ff      gradient outer color, rrggbbaa

Substitute '-' for a filename to use stdio.

Node.js Usage:

var generateWaveform = require('waveform');
generateWaveform(audiofile, pngfile, {
    width: 256,                // width of the image
    height: 64,                // height of the image
    'color-bg': '00000000',    // bg color, rrggbbaa
    'color-center': '000000ff',// gradient center color, rrggbbaa
    'color-outer': '000000ff', // gradient outer color, rrggbbaa
}, function(err) {
    // done generating waveform

PHP Usage: https://github.com/polem/WaveformGenerator




gcc -o waveform main.c -O3 -lsox -lz -lpng

Compile on osx using macport:

install depedencies:

    sudo port install sox
    sudo port install libpng
    sudo port install zlib

run compiler:

    gcc -o waveform main.c -O3 -lsox -lz -lpng -I/opt/local/include -L/opt/local/lib
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